Life and Career


Milo and Manuele Raini were born in Rome on May 19, 1976 and August 26, 1979. Inspired by the countless martial arts films they always felt strongly within them the desire and the need to fight. At the age of 7 they begun to practice Karate and Kung Fu and at 12 they start to practice the most popular combat sport in Rome (and in Italy) in the ’90s : Full Contact .

Milo e Manuele RainiWith the young Master Giancarlo D’ Andrea the two brothers developed their technical and athletic potential, fighting in many matches and tournaments and collecting the first victories: they won several local titles and they were selected in the italian representative team.


They both fell in love with Muay Thai at the age of 17/18 years old, when curiosity immediately turned into passion and dedication for this ancient and fascinating discipline. The Raini brothers – always united in their sport life – started practicing Muay Thai with perseverance and passion, and after an intense training period they started to fight in amateurs bouts. The agonistic activity increased the passion for Thai Boxing and prompting them to travel to Thailand, the Netherlands and Australia in order to refine the technique in countries traditionally close to this art.
Their career met the important help of friends and teachers like Mariano Laportella, Cristiano Galletti and Steve Buffoni (Fight Team Roma), Riccardo Lecca and Maurizio Prestipino, flanking the two brothers in the path that led them to become pros. Today, Milo and Manuele Raini are two well respected and experienced fighters with lot of fans and friends all over the world.


Milo and Manuele Raini won:

  • K1 Rules Italian Pro titles (70kg and 67kg) in the major leagues (FIKBMS, FIST, KOMBAT LEAGUE)
  • Bronze medal at the WAKO World Championships in Serbia – 70kg (2007)
  • WKN European title – 70kg K1 Rules (2008)
  • European KL Title – 67kg K1 Rules (2009)
  • Gold medal at the world championships k1 KL – 71kg and – 67kg (2009)
  • Gold medal in the World Championship Muay Thai KL- 67kg (2010)
  • ISKA World Championships – Gold Medal – 71kg (2013)


Today, the two brothers are firmly positioned at the top of the italian fighting rankings. They fought in the largest organizations in the combat sports world such as GLORY, THAIBOXEMANIA and OKTAGON .
In addition, they are also combat sports instructors in various gyms in Rome. They created their own team, the RAINI CLAN, so they can teach – with passion and love – the art of Muay Thai and Kick Boxing.

Their mission is to teach to young fighters values like respect and honor, in the same way they teach them combat sports fundamentals and the fight spirit itself.